Star Wars Blu-Ray Boxset: Teasing The Deleted Scenes

For Star Wars fans, there’s pretty much only one blu-ray release to pay any attention to at all this year, and the long-awaited high-definition treatment of George Lucas’ galactic franchise epic will finally land on shelves on September 12th in the UK.

I’m in the lucky position where I’ll probably get hold of a copy to review early on, but for everyone else the prospect of having to wait just a couple of months will seem a yawning chasm of time stretching before them. So it’s with great pleasure we can bring you a teaser video of some of the Deleted Scenes to be included in the mammoth Complete Saga blu-ray release.
I still maintain that the cover should have been better thought-out, but the following teaser at least shows promise of the exciting content within…
Exciting times ahead what with SWTOR and this blu-ray about to land in the next couple of months, so best get saving to cover the near £70 cover price of the collection alone. I suggest prostitution.