Star Wars Uprising Mission 1 Walkthrough/ Tutorial

Here we have a just released video tutorial series for Star Wars Uprising. There’s only the first mission so far but the poster, l0stw0lf, says they are posting a new one every day. So if you’re into Uprising, or even thinking of picking up the game, this could be a great YouTuber for you to subscribe to.

Currently l0stw0lf has 15 videos on Star Wars Uprising and a great deal of experience in the game so you really might find these useful. While we’re adding the Mission 1 video here in this post, you can also find videos on how to get a lightsaber (one of the most asked questions in the game), as well as videos on other missions and light side and dark side things you need to know.

As you will see, the video is just over 20 minutes long. It’s worth watching all the way through if  you’re a new player because it’s going to give you so much valuable and useful information about the game itself. He has a level 80 character and on the video makes a brand new character and then shows you how to go through the entire process, so you even get to see how to choose your species and sex at the beginning. You get to see all of the character customization options and more as well. It really does give you a good feel the game’s look and style from a newbie standpoint as well.

From the creator:

“Hey guys, welcome to the adventures of Victoria Keung! this is a mission guide for the main quest for those who just want to enjoy the story or need help getting through a specific area! If there is any questions leave it in the comments below!! Hope you guys enjoy it!

Lisa Clark

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