Were Ancient Sith More Powerful?

If you missed it earlier this year, The Stupendous Wave has another great video in his Star Wars Explained series on YouTube that talks about the Sith empire. Who is more powerful – ancient Sith or modern? How do they measure up throughout the Star Wars timeline? Is it something you’ve never thought about? Well, now’s the time to put some thoughts into motion and this video is going to help you out with that. Are you a new canon Star Wars fan who only knows Darth Vader as the strongest Sith? Are you an old school fan with a rich knowledge of Sith history? Either way, you’re going to love this video and how he breaks it all down for you.

The Dark Lords of the ancient Sith empire are constantly hailed as far more powerful than the following generations of Sith even all the way up to Darth Bane’s rule of 2. In this video we examine the different eras of Sith and look at the pros and cons of each respective time period to determine if there is truth to this statement and if so what is the explanation.

Check out the video here:

So, what do you think? Did you learn something new about the Sith from this video? What would you like to see them explain next about Star Wars? If you have ideas or suggestions for a video, leave them a comment and let them know. They are great about listening to the viewers and doing content on the things you want to see. That’s one thing we love about this guy’s videos.

Lisa Clark

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