Taris: Legacy of Sith Destruction

This Friday brings us a new planet reveal. But first is the next issue of the Threat of Peace comic:

The twenty-sixth issue of Threat of Peace™ delivers the final moments of the battle between the Sith and the Jedi in Dantooine’s crystal caves. The death of Master Dar’Nala restores the prospects for peace and Jedi Knight Satele Shan refused to continue the fight. As the Republic heroes guardedly depart the crystal caves, Lord Baras offers one final opportunity to Satele and a chilling prediction for the future.

Check out the latest issue of Threat of Peace now.

The more exciting update though is the unveiling of another planet, namely Taris. If you’ve played Knights of the Old Republic then you might remember Taris as the planet bombarded by Darth Malek (while you were still on it), which eventually destroyed all life. But now it seems that in an act of defiance the Republic has decided to try and recolonize it. As per the official news:

Once home to a thriving civilization, Taris was razed by the Sith Lord Darth Malak 300 years ago during the Jedi Civil War. As a symbol of hope, redemption, and defiance, the Republic has begun an unlikely effort to re-colonize Taris. To do so, they will have to deal with the toxic soil, dangerous pirates, and ferocious rakghouls – the only survivors of the Sith bombardment. Determined to overcome the challenges, Republic and Jedi leaders are moving forward with the effort. However, Imperial intelligence has other plans…

Access the HoloNet to read about the history of Taris and the re-colonization of this ruined world swarming with rakghouls. Also, see the scarred surface of Taris in this video and visit the media section for exclusive screenshots, concept art, and wallpapers!

Definitely sounds like an interesting planet. I just hope that it’s not a PvP planet (existing solely to have players fight each other). But we’ll see.

You can find screenshots and concept art on the planet’s HoloNet page and there’s also a new wallpaper:

So that makes eight planets so far. It definitely feels like they’ve ramped up the planet reveals in the last few months.