Steam Sale: Star Wars Collection 50% Off, Darksiders 75% Off

I love Steam sales. It’s one of my favorite things about using the Steam service (I’ve been a member since ’05). In addition to being able to keep copies of all of my games in one place, it’s really awesome when they do sales on games. You can get many older releases for a fraction of the cost with digital download on Steam.

If you love Star Wars games then you are in luck this weekend because Steam is slashing their prices for this weekend only. The Star Wars Collection, a bundle of 13 SW games, is now $49.99 instead of the usual $99.99. My husband had this collection already and I had been wanting to get it for myself for some time. In this package, you get just about every Star Wars game available on Steam, all in one package and for a reduced price. That’ll hold you over until SWTOR releases, right?
But if you don’t want the whole package, you will also find that many of the games in the package are also available for 50% off. You have until Monday at 10am Pacific Time to take advantage of these sales.
As an additional bonus, you can also find Darksiders on sale this weekend at 75% off. That brings the price to only $4.99 for this hack-and-slash thriller.
Steam is also having a five-day Paradox Interactive sales event. From now until Sunday, you can purchase all 90 titles from the publisher for $99.99. There are also daily deals so if you’re on Steam, make sure to check in each day and see what the daily deal is. This is a great way to stock up on more of the games you love without breaking the bank.