SWTOR 3.2: Rise of the Emperor – Outfit Designer Overview

Outfit designer

In this video Vulkk takes a first look and an overview of the new tool coming to SWTOR with Game Update 3.2 – The Outfit Designer. There are still a couple of bugs and one of two features appear to be broken or not working as intended. It offers upto 16 Outfit slots, which can be unlocked with Credits or Cartel coins. Prices are likely to change for the Live version of this update. Modifying any part of an outfit will cost credits too.

The few restrictions in relations to what items we may slot are as follows: If our class uses light armour, we can slot light armour items or adaptive ones, but not medium and heavy. If our class is can wear Medium armour, such items will also be available to be sloted into the designer tool for outfits. Heavy armour classes can outfit any and all armours. Legacy bound items are also possible.

For more details and a visual overview, check the video linked down below.