Cartel Coins vs Credits – A Guide to Unlocking Efficiently

Cartel Coins vs Credits – A Guide to Unlocking Efficiently

You’ve probably noticed before that there is a disparity between the amount of credits and the number of cartel coins that are needed for unlocks. You could waste a lot of coins and credits trying to get unlocks but there is a very handy resource that makes it easier for you to unlock efficiently, making the most of your coins and credits. This one is coming at you from SWTOR Network and this guide is the updated version of the same from last year.

Here is an introduction to the guide from the creator:

“In order to compare the cost of legacy unlocks easily, I’m using ‘Credits per Coin’ which is simply the credit cost of each unlock, divided by the number of cartel coins the unlock costs. The higher the number, the more I’d recommend unlocking using Cartel Coins.

Whether you should unlock an item with Cartel Coins or Credits will depend largely on which currency is more limited for you, i.e. if you have hundreds of millions of credits, you might as well save your coins for items that can only come from the cartel market, but I’d expect the average player to have some of each currency and not want to waste either.

Each unlock is broken down into sections depending on what they are and where they are unlocked.”

If you head over to SWTOR Network, you can see it for yourself. There is a very useful Table of Contents at the top that will guide you through the parts so you can jump straight to what you want, or go by it one by one and the TOC will help you if you return and don’t take it all in one sitting. The unlocks are categorized, listed and broken down in the most efficient way  you can obtain them. Check it out and tell us what you think. This is definitely one you want to bookmark.

Lisa Clark

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