Star Wars Galaxies Legends Celebrates 8 Glorious Years with Special Events and Updates!

It’s hard to wrap our heads around it, but the beloved USGS rogue server, Star Wars Galaxies Legends, is turning eight this week. This milestone is not just a number; it’s a testament to the enduring legacy and evolving journey of one of the most cherished player-run servers in the gaming community. The dedicated team behind SWG Legends is rolling out a “wee patch” in celebration, inviting players to partake in badge collecting, gift paintings, and enjoy the fruits of their latest bug fixes, particularly those enhancing the massive player-city upgrade release.

A Look Back at the Journey

The emulator’s history, meticulously recaptured in the 2021 release by Bezney, showcases a timeline of upgrades and innovations that have kept the game alive and thriving. While 2023 might have been a quieter year for new content, it saw the developers fully update their server hardware, ensuring a smoother, more immersive experience for players. From pre-decorated farms to the craftsmanship of Ithorical armorsmiths, every detail contributes to the rich tapestry of SWG Legends.

Celebrating in Style

This anniversary is not just about looking back; it’s about celebrating the present and anticipating the future. Players logging in this week can collect special badges and gift paintings, each marking their unique journey through the galaxy. The developers have also teased exciting future content, including two battles in deep space, promising even more adventures and challenges for the community to tackle together.

The Power of Community

At the heart of SWG Legends’ success is its community. The devs extend their heartfelt thanks to the players, whose unwavering support has been the backbone of the server’s longevity. It’s this spirit of unity and collaboration that has propelled SWG Legends into 2024 with the highly anticipated City Update 2.0 and beyond. The developers’ message is clear: the journey is far from over, and the best is yet to come.

Join the Festivities

To partake in the anniversary celebrations, players are encouraged to visit special locations on Tatooine, Naboo, and Rori to collect their anniversary dispensers. These unique dispensers offer players works of art, adding a touch of beauty and nostalgia to their in-game collections.

  • /way Tatooine 3471, 4852 Mos Eisley Anniversary Dispenser
  • /way Naboo 5-154 4296 Theed Anniversary Dispenser
  • /way Rori -5286 2266 Narmle Anniversary Dispenser


As Star Wars Galaxies Legends celebrates its eighth year, the server stands as a beacon of creativity, community, and enduring legacy in the gaming world. With exciting updates on the horizon and a vibrant community at its back, SWG Legends is poised for even greater adventures. Here’s to eight years of galactic exploration, and many more to come!

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