SWTOR Basics – Gearing for Leveling, Basic Comms Usage, Fleet Vendors

SWTOR Basics

SWTOR Basics guide for newer players. How to use the Basic Commendatinos, Gearing tips for leveling, Fleet Vendors location and contents, 12x vs Normal Leveling plus many more Tips and Tricks to help and guide you through your journey.

Since this is a “Basics” video most of the things you will see and hear may be familiar to the veteran players. However, if you have a few minutes, stay around, watch and listen. You may discover a fact or trick you didn’t know or perhaps add to the information I shared.

Some of the bullet-points covered in the video are:
♦ Location of the Basic Comms vendors on both fleets
♦ Vendor names and changes in Patch 3.2
♦ How to best use basic comms for gearing with and without 12x
♦ Difference between orange shells and normal gear. How and what to use
Crafted gear vs vewndor mods
♦ Leveling after Corelia

A Special Note:

I worked for quite some time on this. Not because it is the most special of my videos, but because I made a special miniseries to accompany it – “Creating a YouTube Video – The Full Process). If you are interested in this kind of a video, check the link for the playlist. First one will be published on 19.05.2015: