SWTOR concerns regarding accessing future Companions

Eric Musco posted some answers to some of the growing player concerns on companion recruitment.

These 4 threads all ask the same questions,can we get answers? | 11.11.2015, 09:53 PM

I talked to Matt about Alliance, Companions, and your questions specifically related to accessing future Companions. Between this thread and the ones linked in the OP, I think there are two main questions you are looking to have addressed.

Will I need to complete currently available alert Missions to unlock future alert Missions?

As of right now, the answer to this is yes. Inside of each Alliance Companion type (Military, Underworld, etc), the Companion recruitment alerts are very much looked at like a Mission chain. Generally, you must complete one alert Mission before you will receive the next. Note that you only need to complete the Mission itself, not necessarily recruit any Companion associated with it. There may be exceptions to this later on, for story reasons, but this is the general rule right now. It is worth noting that this is something the dev team is talking about, so it could change, but this is how it works right now.

Will I need to PvP for future Companions / Will I need to unlock Companions like Pierce to access future Companions?

The answer to your question is maybe. We are open to the possibility of future PvP related Companions/Mission content which could require the completion of M1-4X/Pierce’s Missions. That said, we would not likely have PvE related content require it.

I think that should answer the primary questions that you have! Let me know if anything requires further clarification. Thanks!