SWTOR Devs talk 6.1.4, PTS, PvP Toxicity, Credit Sellers

Are you still playing and enjoying SWTOR? You may love this story on vulkk.com from the Devs about 6.1.4, the PTS, credit sellers, PvP toxicity and more.

On September 11th, the community manager Eric Musco and design director Chris Schmidt joined Aviriia, a content creator and inspired PvPer you may be familiar with, to talk about the game and the points above.

They went live on Twitch to discuss these hot button topics in SWTOR. If you missed the Twitch stream, Vulkk has a nice writeup that summarizes all the main points that were disused.

You can find that here, but here’s a snippet:

SWTOR 6.1.4 planned for October, will be available on PTS soon

SWTOR’s latest update 6.1.3 released earlier this week. The next patch will be 6.1.4. Based on the number (and the Roadmap) you know that this one will not contain any story progression.

6.1.4 will bring the Feast of Prosperity seasonal event. This was teased in the last Roadmap, but we still know very little about it.

The Feast of Prosperity is going to be a new and quite unique seasonal event in SWTOR. It is expected to arrive in October and will include a number of new features.

The Devs are experimenting with new gameplay types that will be featured in the event. It will be a mix of traditional classic events like the Rakghouls and seasonal events like Nightlife.

Read the full post over on Vulkk’s site to learn what the Devs had to say about the other issues and please show some love to Vulkk for covering this topic and also to Aviriia for hosting the chat.

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