SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection

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DorjeeVajra started a SWTOR Open Source Community Spreadsheet Collection, over at the official forums. If you’re new and need help this is a good source of information.

The hopes for the spreadsheet is that we work together as a community to:

  • Create new Spreadsheets that are helpful to the community.
  • Add helpful spreadsheets you have come across giving credit to the creator and providing a link of the source on the table of contents.
  • Help add Links to Helpful Guides on the appropriate Guide Link Spreadsheets.
  • Help add missing information to existing Spreadsheets.
  • Help correct errors found on the existing Spreadsheets.
  • Most importantly use the spreadsheets people have made to further enjoy the game.

What’s in the Spreadsheet Collection so far:
Clickable links to the spreadsheets below:

If you got some tips and tricks you want to share, go help DorjeeVajra out over at this forum post. If you’re great at making spreadsheet why not help out:

  • Making the Spreadsheets look great.
  • Making the Spreadsheets more functional.
  • Making new spreadsheets.
  • Adding spreadsheets you have already made.
  • Fixing spreadsheets people accidently break.
  • Missing Information – We need people to help fill in missing information. Look for “Please Fill” on spreadsheets the text will be in pink and easy to spot.
  • More content – Add it your self to the collection. If you don’t know how just reply to this thread with a link I or someone else will add it for you.
  • More Guides – There are sheets for Class Guide Links and Crew Skill Guide Links. If you’re great at your Class or Craft, please make a guide and paste a link on those sheets. If you know of a good guide paste a link to those guides on the sheets.