Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes – Cara Dune overview and strategies

Cara Dune is comming to Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes. Here is a run down of this veteran Rebel Shock Trooper who has reinvented herself as a mercenary since leaving military life behind.

This tough, no-nonsense brawler hasn’t forgotten how to fight an enemy like the Empire and can be difficult to take down in battle.

While Cara can find a place as a deadly ambusher on a Scoundrel squad, she’s equally at-home under a Rebel leader, defending her allies as a front-line combatant.

UNIT NAME: Cara Dune
CATEGORIES: Light side, Tank, Rebel, Scoundrel
A Scoundrel/Rebel Tank who gains benefits when being led by either.



FINAL TEXT: Deal Physical damage to target enemy. If there is a Scoundrel ally in the leader slot, Cara Dune gains Stealth until the end of her next turn. If there is a Rebel ally in the leader slot, Cara Dune loses Stealth and gains Taunt for 2 turns.

Special 1: IMPROVISED STRATEGY (Cooldown 2)

FINAL TEXT: Cara Dune gains Potency Up for 1 turn then deals Physical damage to all enemies and removes 50% of their Turn Meter. Empire enemies are Stunned for 1 turn.


FINAL TEXT: While Stealthed, Cara Dune has +100% critical chance and +50% critical damage. When Cara Dune loses Taunt, she gains Stealth for 1 turn at the start of her next turn.


FINAL TEXT: (ZETA) Cara Dune gains Critical Hit Immunity for 2 turns and +100% Turn Meter whenever an Empire enemy is defeated, and half that amount for non-Empire enemies. If Cara Dune has Potency Up when she is defeated, she is revived with 50% of her Max Health and gains Potency Up for 1 turn.

The Basics:

  • Cara Dune has both the Rebel and a Scoundrel tags which makes her a strong choice to include in many squads
  • Her kit is primarily based on her history as a Rebel with a mix of existing Rebel abilities but with some new twists that make her a unique character to play with

Unique Attributes:

  • Her abilities and role in a squad vary depending on which lead she is under: Cara Taunts and can act as a tank for Rebel squads but a damage dealer under a Scoundrel lead
  • The additional damage comes from the Basic ability providing stealth to Cara if she is under a Scoundrel lead. Her attacks while stealthed gain bonuses to Crit Chance and Crit damage
  • Care loses stealth and gains Taunt with her Basic attack if under a Rebel lead
  • Cara Dune will revive at half health if she has Potency Up when she is defeated and then gains Potency Up again
  • You will need to dispel the Potency Up or wait for her to take a turn to prevent her from reviving over and over


  • Cara Dune’s main combat experience was as a Rebel shock trooper and her kit reflects her days on the front lines “tanking”
  • She also has some Scoundrel flavor since she recently became a mercenary for hire and requires some different tactics than fighting on a battlefield
  • Inspired by when she saved the Child from a Kubazi bounty hunter in Chapter 4 of the show, her Scoundrel side of things showcases some of her more subtle skills like stealth and ambushing

Strategy Tips:

  • Unsurprising for viewers of the show, her kit shines strongest against Imperial squads, her area of effect special gives her Potency Up (which keeps her alive) and stuns all enemy Empire units
  • The most important part of her kit is to determine when to activate her Special 1, Improvised Strategy, and gain Potency Up to keep her alive
  • There are not many other sources of Potency Up in the game so use it wisely

Special Interactions:

  • The character in the Leader slot does not need to be a leader, any Rebel or Scoundrel in the Leader slot will trigger her extra abilities but you will of course miss out on having a leader ability
  • If you put a Rebel who is also a Scoundrel in the leader slot, Han Solo for instance, Cara Dune will gain stealth first but immediately lose it due to the Rebel lead so there effectively no advantage to having both faction categories in the leader slot
  • Her Unique 2, Ex-Rebel Shock Trooper, gives her Critical Hit Immunity for 2 turns and 100% Turn Meter when an Empire enemy is defeated and half that amount for non-Empire enemies – this means defeating a non-Empire enemy provides 1 turn of Critical Hit Immunity and 50% Turn Meter

Squad Suggestions:

  • Try out a variety of Rebel and Scoundrel squads, we hope there some interesting space for players to theorycraft around as she is very versatile and could fit into many squads
  • We think you could also use Cara Dune in your CLS team if you need C-3PO somewhere else and to provide some extra survivability to the rest of the squad