Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes: Bounty Hunter Bonus Drops starting tomorrow!

This weekend all Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes players will get bonus drops. These are  Similar to the double drops. Every time you do a hard battle you get (or might? We don’t know yet) shards for a bounty hunter.

Everyone assumed probably, it’s randomly which shards you get. Like a 1/8 chance to get embo etc.

Below is the news:

For a limited time, every Light Side and Dark Side Hard Node may also award bonus shards for Bounty Hunters. Below are the locations and corresponding Bounty Hunters:

  • Stage 1 – Boba Fett
  • Stage 2 – Cad Bane
  • Stage 3 – IG‌-88
  • Stage 4 – Greedo
  • Stage 5 – Zam Wesell
  • Stage 6 – Dengar
  • Stage 7 – Bossk
  • Stage 8 – Embo
  • Stage 9 – Aurra Sing

Starting Friday 9/21 and runs through 9/24