SWTOR Smuggler Scoundrel Leveling Build for game update 2.0

SWTOR Smuggler Scoundrel Leveling Build

Smugglers are to Han Solo like bacon is to a BLT, they’re the smarmy gunslingers that know how to break the law and get through the toughest situations in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The Scoundrel advanced class is for those Smugglers who prefer the shadows over relying on their guns and the advanced class reflects that. While Gunslingers focus on ranged DPS, Scoundrels focus on stealth, ranged burst DPS, and healing.

In this post the guys over at Swtorsavior are going to give you a build for the Smuggler Scoundrel in SWTOR for the 2.1 patch. The actual build will give you a solid DPS build while you are leveling. Underneath the video you will get some rotations that you can use with the build:

As always I will recommend you to get the guide to get the full advantage of all swtorsavior.com amazing features. It is available right here.

  • 3/3 Browbeater
  • 2/2 Element of Surprize
  • 2/2 Sneaky
  • 2/2 Shifty Eyed
  • 1/1 Scrappy
  • 1/1 Sucker Punch
  • 2/2 Flying Fists
  • 2/2 Flanking
  • 2/2 Round Two
  • 2/2 Stopping Power
  • 1/1 Fight Or Flight
  • 2/2 Turn The Tables
  • 1/1 Sawed Off
  • 2/2 Flee The Scene
  • 3/3 Underdog
  • 2/2 K.O
  • 3/3 Rolling Punches
  • 2/2 Slippery Devil
  • 1/1 Flechette Round
  • 3/3 No Holds Barred
  • 2/2 Hold Out Defence
  • 1/1 Open Wound
  • 1/2 Black Market Mods
  • 3/3 Bedside Manner

Single Target Rotations:

Shoot Fist
Back Blast
Blaster Whip
Vital Shot
Sucker Punch
Flurry Of Bolts

Multiple Target Rotations:

XS Freighter Flyby
Thermal Grenade
Blaster Whip
Blaster Volley

Survival Options:

Defence Screen
Disappearing Act