Jedi Consular Shadow PVP Build – Solid PVP Build For The Jedi Shadow!

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This one is for PVP and the class we are going to be running through is the Jedi Consular Shadow. Now for those of you that have played World of Warcraft you will find it easier if you think of the Shadow as a Rogue.
Your job is to get in and out without being seen and cause as much damage as you can!
Essentially you want to get to the back lines of the enemy and take down all the healers and squishy DPS players.
If you have just started PVP with a Jedi Shadow it can be tough though so here is a solid build to use:

Jedi Consular Shadow PVP Build:

The main skills that you will be using with this build in PVP are the Spinning Kick which although it requires stealth it will allow you to stun a target for 2 seconds so is a brilliant opener into combat.

Shadow Strike will allow you to do massive amounts of damage but only if you are stood behind them – so what you do is use the Shadow Kick above and then move behind them and BANG! Use the Shadow Kick!
Clairvoyant Slash will increase the damage of Project by 15% per stack and it stacks twice so make sure you always use Clairvoyant Slash BEFORE you use Project.

So a basic fight will go something like:

Sneak up to the target and use Spinning Kick. Move behind them fast and use Shadow Strike and then Force Breach.
Then hit them with 2 clairvoyant Slashes and follow it up with Project!

You also get very good survivability options with this build.

If you want a complete set of builds for both leveling and PVP with complete guides on how to use them as well as a complete leveling guide head over to