SWTOR New York Cantina Tour Flash Drive Files and Review


If you’re wondering what happened at the SWTOR New York Cantina Tour, then Dulfy (as usual) has the hook-up for you. She has a fantastic, detailed post up already with tons of images from the Flash Drive files as well as a transcription of the Q&A and more information. The flash drive even has images of the new planets that are coming with Shadow of Revan expansion.

Head on over here to this link and see Dulfy’s post to see it all for yourself and give her site some love. Here’s a table of contents of what it has for you.

  • 1 Planet Rishi
  • 2 Planet Yavin 4
  • 3 SOR Gear
  • 4 Cartel Market/Misc
  • 5 Q&A

Learn about Planet Rishi, Planet Yavin 3, the new Shadow of Revan gear as well as get a sneak peek at Cartel Market items and other miscellaneous things. Finally, they wrap it all up with the Q&A which we know from past Cantina Tours can be a lot of fun and sometimes can even be revealing of what is to come soon.

In this one, they have a few questions about PvP which is interesting since we just wrote about that here and we know a lot of people are wondering about the state of PvP, what to do about griefers and what (if anything) we can expect to see in the future of PvP in SWTOR.

Eric even answers a question in regards to whether or not people know who he is on the live servers.

So again, head on over and check it out. Were you there yourself? We’d love to hear from you!

Lisa Clark

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