WoW Commercial Parody SWTOR Style

A parody created by Aaron G. Thompson of the Un-Official Star Wars The Old Republic Vodcast, based off of the WoW commercials (Mini Me, Mr. T – etc), and set in the SWTOR world.
The Un-Official Star Wars The Old Republic Vodcast (USWTORV) hosted by Aaron G. Thompson illustrates news, current events, and community of the Star Wars The Old Republic MMORPG fanbase in a productive video format.

USWTORV was created in September 10′ for the sole purpose of communicating released information of Star Wars The Old Republic (an MMORPG by Bioware) in a video format to the mass audience. Aaron G. Thompson who has worked professionally in theatre, film, and taught (improve comedy) class to groups; took on said project in hopes of sparking that artistic view he once had.

Being out of the “arts” eyes for 5 years, he needed an outlet — a burst of confidence to get him motivated back into public speaking and beyond. That outlet is USWTORV. Aaron’s latest obsession is the MMORPG Star Wars The Old Republic — with that being on his mind, him having a nice camera; and an editing program. He thought, “What the hell?”

Aaron is re-learning sound, lighting, photography — speaking for the masses to develop the best MMORPG fan-based informational show out there! Working over 24 hours per week to produce a show lasting 7-15 minutes is either crazy — or dedication? I say a bit of both.

Join Aaron and the latest news from SWTOR every Sunday for a good fun time — as the show progresses, EVERYTHING GETS BETTER! Check out his facebook page here