Star Wars: The Old Republic – This is War

Star Wars: The Old Republic - This is War

SolotheHawk has made a pretty impressive mashup of the two Star Wars: The old republic trailers and 30 seconds to Mars tune This is War. Definitely worth a watch.

I know I’m going to be busy playing this when it comes out Spring 2011.

I know I listed the music and the programs used in the credits, but I figured I’d list them here too.

Music: This is War – 30 seconds to Mars
Programs: Windows Movie Maker 2.6 | Adobe After Effects
(After Effects was used strictly for making the credits and wasn’t used in the actual editing of the video)

This is a fan-made video and in no way do I own any of the material used in it. Nor am I affiliated with any of the owners. Star Wars: The Old Republic is owned and developed by Bioware and published by LucasArts.