Gear Progression – All Classes

Reddit user Advanderer took screenshots of the gear progression of all classes in Star Wars: The old Republic. I’m personally happy that we left the visual progression far behind us in SWTOR. I remember back at the beginning were all level 50 players on the fleet looked exactly the same – Just like in World of Warcraft back in the days.  The idea was you should be able to identify a higher level player just from the gear he wears. I’m happy that’s not the case anymore, and we now get to take our own approach on our looks.

Check out the screenshots below:

Gear Progression bounty hunter
Bounty Hunter
Gear Progression imperial agent
Imperial Agent
Gear Progression jedi consular
Jedi Consular
Gear Progression Jedi knight
Jedi Knight
Gear Progression sith inquisitor
Sith Inquisitor
Gear Progression sith warrior
Sith Warrior
Gear Progression smuggler
Gear Progression trooper