SWTOR Draws in Non-Star Wars Fans

You’ve heard the buzz about SWTOR. I’ve heard the buzz about SWTOR. Games are talking about it in other MMORPGs. They’re talking about it on the news, on Twitter and even on their lunch breaks at work. But what you might not know is that SWTOR is even drawing in the non-Star Wars fans out there.

A perfect case in point is this story from RipTen, “Star Wars: The Old Republic, You Have My Attention”. It’s a fun editorial from Jensen Walker, stating why the author was not previously a Star Wars fan but is intrigued by what SWTOR has to offer.

The first reason is not a surprise- BioWare. Many RPG fans are BioWare fans so it’s no surprise that BioWare will bring in a lot of players for that fact alone. But this isn’t enough on its own to have the author playing SWTOR or we would have seen Jensen in KOTOR.

So what’s the next reason?

“The second reason is the fact that SWTOR is an MMO. Having devoted a sizeable chunk of my adult life to MMO’s, I recognize that I enjoy certain aspects. The camaraderie of a guild, the teamwork involved in conquering content and even aspects many would consider more obscure, such as role playing and understanding and benefiting from the server economy.”

It’s a fun read and worth heading over to check out the rest of the article. It’s great to see different viewpoints from it and how the game looks in the eyes of someone not previously a fan.

Are you like Jensen and finding yourself drawn into SWTOR when you were not previously a big Star Wars fan? If so, what brought you in- the BioWare name? The story? The fact that all your WoW guildies are quitting to join the TOR craze?

Drop is a line and let us know!