Galaxy of Heroes Forum Dives Deep into Jedi Kelleran Beq's Abilities

Galaxy of Heroes Forum Dives Deep into Jedi Kelleran Beq’s Abilities

“Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes,” the popular mobile game known for its strategic character play and team building, recently hosted a Q&A session on its forum. The focus was on the Jedi character Kelleran Beq, delving into the specifics of his abilities, strategies, and the nuances of gameplay involving him.

Understanding Kelleran Beq’s Unique Mechanics

A key point of discussion was Kelleran Beq’s ability to accumulate ‘Padawan Lessons’ stacks, with a cap of 100 stacks requiring 1 million protection at the start of the battle. This high cap was set for future-proofing and to accommodate edge cases, indicating that reaching the maximum stacks is a challenging feat, designed for advanced gameplay scenarios.

Galactic Legends and Omicron Functionality

Players were curious about the interaction between Kelleran Beq’s abilities and the presence of Galactic Legends in battles. It was clarified that if any Galactic Legends are present on either side, the omicron ability will not function. This detail is crucial for players strategizing for Territory Wars.

Lightsaber Training and Team Dynamics

Another aspect discussed was the ‘Lightsaber Training’ ability, which is based on the damage dealt by all allies in a mass assist, not just Kelleran Beq. This makes the ability particularly effective in team compositions where multiple allies can contribute significant damage.

Second Wind Buff and Attack Mechanics

The ‘Second Wind’ buff, first introduced with Leia Organa, was also a topic of interest. This buff allows a character to recover 50% Health and Protection instead of being reduced to 1% Health. Additionally, it was clarified that Kelleran Beq’s basic attack can trigger his unique ability, allowing up to two attacks when it’s not his turn and up to three attacks when it is.

Health and Protection Recovery

Players sought clarification on the phrase “recover health and protection until the end of the turn.” It was explained that any damage dealt by allies during the turn converts 50% of that damage into Health and Protection recovery for the entire team, a powerful team sustain mechanism.

Leader Abilities and Padawan Lessons

The interaction between leader abilities and Kelleran Beq’s ‘Padawan Lessons’ was another point of discussion. It was confirmed that extra Health and Protection from leader abilities do not contribute to the Padawan Lessons calculation, as these abilities trigger after the battle starts.

Kelleran Beq’s Role and Damage Potential

Despite having a kit that offers significant support, Kelleran Beq is classified as an attacker. This is due to his considerable damage output, balancing his supportive capabilities with offensive prowess.


The Q&A session on the “Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes” forum provided valuable insights into Kelleran Beq’s abilities and strategic use in the game. Understanding these nuances is key for players looking to maximize his potential in various game modes, especially in high-level play. As the game continues to evolve, such discussions are vital for the community to adapt and thrive in the ever-changing landscape of “Galaxy of Heroes.”