David Gaider Envisions a Larian-Style Knights of the Old Republic III


In the ever-evolving landscape of role-playing games (RPGs), the legacy of BioWare, a studio renowned for its groundbreaking titles, intersects with the rising star of Larian Studios. David Gaider, a former BioWare writer known for his work on iconic games like “Dragon Age” and “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,” recently shared his vision for the future of the “Knights of the Old Republic” series. This article delves into the potential of a Larian Studios-led revival of the beloved series, exploring the implications of such a collaboration in the RPG genre.

Key Points:

  • BioWare’s Legacy and Challenges: Examining BioWare’s history of creating legendary RPGs and its recent struggles with titles like “Anthem” and “Mass Effect: Andromeda.”
  • Larian Studios’ Rise: Highlighting Larian Studios’ success with “Baldur’s Gate 3” and its impact on the RPG landscape.
  • The Fate of Knights of the Old Republic Remake: Discussing the uncertain future of the “Knights of the Old Republic” remake initially undertaken by Aspyr.
  • David Gaider’s Vision: Exploring Gaider’s perspective on a potential “Knights of the Old Republic III” under Larian Studios’ direction.
  • The Future of RPGs: Contemplating the possibilities and excitement surrounding a collaboration between Larian Studios and the legacy of “Knights of the Old Republic.”

This article aims to provide insights into the potential future of one of the most cherished series in RPG history, through the lens of an industry veteran’s vision and the current trends in game development.

BioWare’s Legacy and Recent Struggles

BioWare set a high standard in the RPG genre with classics like the original “Baldur’s Gate” titles, the “Mass Effect” trilogy, and the “Dragon Age” series. However, recent years have seen the studio struggling to recapture its former glory, with titles like “Anthem” and “Mass Effect: Andromeda” falling short of expectations. Despite these setbacks, there is hope with upcoming titles like “Dragon Age: Dreadwolf” and “Mass Effect 5.”

Larian Studios’ Rise to Fame

Contrasting BioWare’s current situation, Larian Studios has been basking in the limelight, especially with “Baldur’s Gate 3.” The game not only won Game of the Year at The Game Awards 2023 but also ranked in the top 10 of GAMINGbible’s greatest video games of the year. Larian’s success has positioned the studio as a new powerhouse in the RPG genre.

The Uncertain Fate of Knights of the Old Republic Remake

The “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic” remake, originally announced in 2021 to be developed by Aspyr, has faced its share of troubles. Rumors and reports suggest that the project may have been too ambitious for Aspyr, leading to speculation about its cancellation. This uncertainty has left fans of the series longing for a worthy continuation or revival.

David Gaider’s Vision for Knights of the Old Republic III

David Gaider, who worked on the first three “Dragon Age” titles and the original “Knights of the Old Republic,” sees Larian Studios as a perfect candidate to helm a potential “Knights of the Old Republic III.” Responding to a tweet, Gaider expressed enthusiasm for a Larian-style approach to the beloved sci-fi RPG, though he had reservations about certain aspects, like the character HK-47’s portrayal.


The idea of a “Knights of the Old Republic III” developed by Larian Studios, as envisioned by David Gaider, has stirred excitement among fans of the series. While BioWare navigates its path towards reclaiming its RPG throne, the prospect of Larian Studios taking on a classic like “Knights of the Old Republic” offers a tantalizing glimpse into what could be a remarkable fusion of storytelling and gameplay. As the RPG landscape continues to evolve, the potential for such collaborations points to a bright future for the genre.

FAQ: Knights of the Old Republic and RPG Development

Q: Who is David Gaider?
A: David Gaider is a renowned game writer and designer, best known for his work on BioWare’s “Dragon Age” series and the original “Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic.

Q: What did David Gaider say about Knights of the Old Republic III?
A: David Gaider expressed that Larian Studios, known for “Baldur’s Gate 3,” would be a great fit for developing “Knights of the Old Republic III,” suggesting a Larian-style approach to the game.

Q: What is the current status of the Knights of the Old Republic remake?
A: The remake, initially being developed by Aspyr, has faced rumors of cancellation and challenges, leading to uncertainty about its future.

Q: Why is Larian Studios significant in this context?
A: Larian Studios has gained acclaim for “Baldur’s Gate 3,” winning several awards and recognition. Their success in the RPG genre makes them a promising candidate for taking on a project like “Knights of the Old Republic III.”

Q: Has BioWare commented on the possibility of a Knights of the Old Republic III?
A: As of now, there has been no official statement from BioWare regarding the development of “Knights of the Old Republic III.”

Q: What challenges has BioWare faced in recent years?
A: BioWare has struggled with some of its recent releases, such as “Anthem” and “Mass Effect: Andromeda,” which didn’t meet the critical and commercial success of their earlier titles.

Q: Are there any confirmed upcoming projects from BioWare?
A: BioWare is currently working on “Dragon Age: Dreadwolf” and “Mass Effect 5,” which are highly anticipated by fans.

Q: What makes Larian Studios a good fit for a Knights of the Old Republic project?
A: Larian Studios’ expertise in creating deep, engaging RPGs with strong narrative elements makes them a suitable choice for a series known for its rich storytelling and complex characters.

Q: Will the original Knights of the Old Republic team be involved in future projects?
A: It’s unclear if any original team members from Knights of the Old Republic would be involved in future projects, as it largely depends on the studio developing the game.

Q: How can fans stay updated on Knights of the Old Republic news?
A: Fans should follow official channels of BioWare, Larian Studios, and gaming news websites for any announcements or updates regarding “Knights of the Old Republic.”