IGN SWTOR Preview: Companions and Crafting

Example of Dark-Side Armor – (Trooper Commando)

Now that the press embargo is up, we’re going to see some great new info and Star Wars The Old Republic previews. IGN has hit the ground running with their Companions and Crafting preview that is part of their The Old Republic Blowout section. All this week they will be sharing more information on SWTOR.

As they tell us in their first post on TOR, “it’s nice to have talented friends”. Crafting is an interesting process, according to IGN and since it’s also an integral part of most MMORPGs, fans are anxious to know what it’s all about. IGN is a big name in gaming so it’s no surprise that BioWare invited them in for testing.

Since we’re a fan site, we’re still bound by the NDA so all we can do at this point is bring you the latest and greatest in The Old Republic previews, reviews and impressions from the press sites that are allowed to speak up now that the embargo is lifted. It all begins today and we know there is going to be loads more fun to come this week and in the coming weeks.

Companions and Crafting

Since companions are greatly connected to crafting in The Old Republic, this write-up from IGN starts off with an overview of companions. You may already know a bit about them from other reports on the game. Even if you do, the overview is worth skimming over again.

As IGN reports, “The companions are a Swiss Army knife of sorts, capable of both of those things and much, much more.”

Check out the full SWTOR preview over on IGN and stay tuned for more this week on combat, dark/light, story, worlds and more.

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