IGN Slams the Haters

start menu for the new Star Wars Battlefront

“Yes, there’s no space battles, no prequel content, and no single-player campaign, but we’re not worried yet.” Fans are pretty upset that IGN seems to be backing Star Wars Battlefront and they slam the haters in this video, giving their opinions and stating they they are not worried about the game. They read some “demands” from fans who are already expecting specific things from the game and complaining about things that have not happened yet.

Of course, some fans don’t side with IGN on this one and claim that IGN is just being paid off by EA/DICE. Paid to have an opinion? Hmm… unheard of in journalism! *sarcasm*

That said, it doesn’t mean they are paid fanboys. Maybe they just like the idea of the game. They do have some good points, even if you don’t agree with the overall positivity. For example, they talk about the difference in games as a form of media compared to other media items like movies or books. They also make some good points about how EA/DICE (and other game developers) do not put out a bad game on purpose. Why would they do this and intentionally lose money? That said, some things are communicated poorly.

Are gamers reaching a point of complaining for the sake of complaining? Are we, as a collective group, expecting to get screwed over?

Check out the video for yourself and let us know if you agree with their thoughts.

There’s No Need to Worry About Star Wars Battlefront Yet – Rebel Base

So what do you think?

Lisa Clark

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