Guild Summit Update and Your Chance to Ask Questions!

Attention SWTOR guild leaders: Did you get an email about your application to the Austin guild summit? All emails have now been sent out so if you applied and were chosen, you would have gotten the notice and the window has now passed to accept the invitation. For those guilds who did not reply in the 48 hour window, or those who were unable to go, BioWare will now turn to the backup guilds that were on the waitlist. So your chance to get in is still there.

David Bass updates on the forums:

All emails have now been sent out. Please check your inboxes if you applied for the Guild Summit, and email if you do not receive an email within the next hour or so.

For those who have been put on the waitlist, we’ll contact you sometime within the next week if a space opens up for your guild.

For those who did not apply but are anxiously awaiting more details about the Summit and the livestream, we’ll be providing that once we’re much closer to the event. For now, I can tell you that the livestream will run on Monday, March 5th for the majority of the morning and afternoon. Once we nail down the exact schedule, we’ll provide it to you so you can plan around it if necessary.

Thanks again to everyone who applied! We look forward to seeing you in Austin or on the livestream!

So did your guild get in? if not, you will be able to follow the livestream from Austin to know all about what’s happening. They’ll be launching a live stream of “select” events during the summit on March 4 – 6 and also posting pictures after the events as well.

However, we’ll do you one better…

I will be there at the guild summit representing my guild and I’ll be liveblogging right here on the site as well as tweeting my experiences from @writerlisamason. More details to come as we get closer to the event but for now, if you have questions you want me to ask while there, leave them here or email them in to the site and I’ll add them to the list my guild is forming for me, too.

Are you a fellow guild leader who got in? Let us know and maybe we can meet up in Austin and compare notes!

Lisa Clark

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