The Ideal Guild Quiz Helps You Find the Right SWTOR Guild

The newest version of the Ideal Guild Quiz has been released and if you’re a guild leader who has not signed up yet, it’s time to get your name in the hat. There are about 32 guilds registered as of the last time I searched so those looking for a guild will be a little limited at first until more guilds sign up. However, it’s also important to note that those who are already getting into this are those who are truly serious about playing and advancing in SWTOR.
So what is this quiz exactly and how does it work?
If you’ve ever had to try to find a good guild in a very popular game (Think, World of Warcraft here), then you are familiar with the frustration of sifting through thousands of guilds to try to discover that perfect one for you. It is equally frustrating for a recruiting guild to get new members who don’t share the same interests and game priorities and therefore, it never works out.
The Ideal Guild Quiz is meant to prevent all of this with SWTOR by allowing those players looking for a guild to take a quiz which will then give them five suggestions of guilds that might fit their needs, based on their answers to the quiz.
Certain answers will automatically rule out certain guilds. For example, if the guild registered with an age requirement, anyone who does not meet that age, will not be shown that guild in their results. Or if your guild quiz says you only speak French, you will not be shown English-speaking guilds.
It’s a great way to save guilds and players time looking for the right match. At first, when the guild pool is still small, the results will not as thorough as they will be once more guilds get signed up on the list. So if you plan to have a guild in SWTOR, now is a great time to get your name added to the pool of choices. If you don’t have a guild yet, check out the guild quiz for yourself and see what suggestions it will offer.