How the Launch of SWTOR Could affect WoW

Should WoW be concerned that the launch of SWTOR is rapidly approaching? According to Tenton Hammer, World of Warcraft has lost 300,000 players during their last quarter and the number of subscribers fell the quarter before that as well. Some may speculate that WoW is on the way out and SWTOR is on the way in but that’s unlikely.

However, World of Warcraft may be in for some major changes to help keep players interested. Some of the players that have recently left WoW will more than likely begin playing The Old Republic when it’s released. However, for the gaming industry, having a variety of titles is what makes it thrive and no “one title” can rule MMOs. This has a lot to do with the fact that each MMO has its own “cult” or fan base that keeps it alive. WoW has its loyal fans that will never stray and SWTOR will have the same.

The launch of Star Wars: The Old Republic may prompt WoW to step things up a notch and make some changes that will keep players intrigued enough to stay with them. This could draw in more players in the future as well. Each MMO strives to be the best and the competition Star Wars will bring to the table, will simply make things more exciting.

Many players will most likely play both WoW and The Old Republic to determine which one they want to keep, if they decide to limit their MMO playing to just one. This is yet another incentive to encourage WoW to step up the game a little to keep players interested. A little competition is good for everyone. It keeps the developers of MMOs on their toes, which translates into more action and fun for gamers.

I play WoW and most of my guild are also planning to move to TOR but this doesn’t mean that everyone will quit WoW or that everyone who is quitting is going to play TOR. Some people are just getting tired of WoW.