Ridiculously Awesome Star Wars Sushi

Sushi art is something I have enormous respect for. Mostly because I envy anyone who can spend so long working on food without eating it (I know, I have a problem), and thanks to the great team over at Obvious Winner I can share exactly why I admire the high-end skills so much.

Japanese sushi chef, Okitsugu Kado – an avid Star Wars fan (who calls himself a Jedi) – has been busy with his carving tools producing some frankly startingly Star Wars sushi art, some of which you can see below.
The pieces take hours to make, and unsurprisingly aren’t available to consumption (though they do look delicious), instead taking their place on display, presumably until they start to smell.
Here are the picks of the bunch…

And here is a video of the man at work. Incredible stuff.