How the Star Wars Movies made the Star Wars Games Popular

it’s come a long way for the Star Wars universe, the franchise started in 1977 with the first film being called A New Hope. George Lucas to this very day and is still adding movies to the popular franchise, the latest movie being The Rise of Skywalker which was published in 2019. There are reported rumours of George Lucas setting the script and the stage for additional three Star Wars movies

Throughout all the 12 movies, George Lucas has done an amazing job portraying the characters, all unique with a variety of skill sets. Other than the movies, Star Wars is massive in the gaming world and is appreciated by Star Wars lovers, there are so many great Star Wars games available, the popular games are the Lego type games as they can be enjoyed by kids, adults enjoy playing this as well. But the more popular Star Wars games are on consoles and they’re Battlefront 1 and 2, Star Wars Squadrons. 

There are many Star Wars games available on PC and they were insanely popular when they came out, but back then, the graphics and performance wasn’t the best, hence why these newest update Star Wars games on console is played by millions of gamers. 

There an only a small number of Star Wars game available on mobile devices, however, the most popular game is Star Wars: Galaxy of Hero’s, that game is played by millions around the world and is considered to be an addictive game. In fact, it’s not just this game to be proven popular, mobile gaming is starting to attract a large number of people. 

PUGB Battlegrounds, Fortnite, Minecraft, and a slew of other games have racked up millions of downloads. It’s no surprise that the gaming and smartphone markets are constantly growing. It’s not just app-based games that are dominating the gaming market; online casino games like slots are also capitalising on the trend. If you want to get engaged and start playing the traditional casino games, look here for example for the best rated, safe, and secure online casinos. 

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heros is also a popular search term on Google and on YouTube, as casual mobile gamers can watch people who spend a lot of money, so they can see the best team combinations and battle clearance times. This game also allows you to form a clan, which means you can invite your friends and other players to join and help you in clan raids and battles. People always want the finest rewards; these gamers often publicise their clan on social media to recruit new members.