SWTOR: PvP Interview with Eric Musco [video]

If you’re looking to catch up on the state of PvP in SWTOR, then you will want to check out this interview with Eric Musco. Snave and Musco get together and talk PvP and while it’s a long watch (or listen), it’s worth it to see Snave pick Musco’s brain for a bit. As always, PvP is a hot topic in SWTOR (isn’t it in any MMORPG?) so there are going to be a lot of varying opinions on this. Does Musco really give any new info or is it doing the typical dance of answering-without-really-answering? I’d say he’s probably paid for the latter but there are still some tidbits you can pick up from it and some people like to read between the lines and speculate on this or that. As usual, we want to know what you think.

Here you can see it for yourself:

“My second interview with SWTOR community manager Eric Musco. Yeah I didn’t ask some specific question about class balance you no doubt wanted but I overall thought it went well.

Thank you to all who tried to watch live, hopefully you can read through the non answer to get the answers you need. In case you can’t – no ops coming soon, no PvP balance coming soon, no addressing of hackers coming soon, no addressing of regs matchmatching coming soon.

Nothing is coming soon – apart from story. Story is coming soon, and it’ll probably be HK balls deep.”

Lisa Clark

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