Theron Shan Comes to SWTOR with Patch 2.7

swtor annihilationAlexander Freed, Charles Boyd and Drew Karpyshyn have been tweeting about Theron Shan making his way into SWTOR with patch 2.7 and you can view the conversation for yourself blow.

If you are not familiar with this guy, I can tell you he is a Republic spy in Republic SIS, and the secret son of Satele Shan, making him a direct descendant of the legendary Jedi Knights Revan and Bastila Shan. He is also the main protagonist in the webcomic series The Lost Suns, and the main character in the novel by Drew Karpyshyn called  Annihilation

SWTOR Lead Writer Charles Boyd said that Alexander Freed and Drew Karpyshyn, who both featured Theron Shan in their books, had a large influence on the Theron Shan in SWTOR and set a high standard for this character. Also Alexander Freed seems to be working on a new SWTOR project since he’s gone freelance but we can’t be certain. Will have to keep an eye on his feed to see if he reveals more for you.

So here is how that fun little Twitter chat went down.

Lisa Clark

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