Canadian Casinos – Customs, Cats and Croupiers

Covid Crisis

For Canada’s bricks and mortar casinos, 2020 was a write-off and 2021 has not got off to the best start either.  Land-based casinos have suffered badly, losing millions of $$$s in revenue, not to mention thousands of clients, to the ever-growing list of online casino alternatives.

For many punters, online casinos are really not the same thing at all and you are undoubtedly counting down the days until a visit is possible again.  However, if you simply can’t wait for a fix and decide to opt for a virtual game or two, make sure that you proceed with caution – if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!

The fact is that not all online casinos are equal.  Some are amazing, many are mediocre and others are out and out scams; but how do you tell the difference?  If you need help seeking an amazing one, then check out Canada where you will find a great choice of reviewed, rated and reputable operations.

We also thought you might appreciate some entertainment of a slightly different kind and so we have set out to enlighten you with some Canadian casino facts.

Canadian Casinos Counted

At the time of writing, there are 88 full-service, land-based casinos in Canada.  A full-service casino is one that offers table games attended by live dealers, in addition to other types of entertainment.  Of those, the most casinos are found in Alberta, Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia.  There are also 32 other licensed gaming operations, which rely entirely on virtual casino games, video poker and slots.

Canada’s Colossus

If we were to tell you that an NHL ice rink covers an area of 17,000 square feet, you are certain to know what that looks like.  Well, Canada’s biggest operation, the Montreal Casino, has a total floor area of 526,000 square feet, 12 acres or 31 ice rinks!  Croupiers are paid well above average too, with an hourly rate equating to $10 per hour more than most other Canadian casinos, plus tips.

The gaming areas cover a total of fourteen floors, spread across the three interconnected parts of the casino, which house around 3500 slot machines, 120 live dealer game tables and some totally unique ‘experience’ sections.  The most recently added is ‘The Zone’ which features immersive casino games, lighting and music designed to attract younger clients.

Cracking Cashout

Canada’s biggest ever casino winners walked away with just under $9 million after winning the Megabucks Progressive Jackpot at the Casino Rama in Ontario.  The lucky recipients, who opted to remain anonymous, were described by onlookers as ‘an older couple, just vacationers playing the slots, not proper gambling types’.  There is hope for us all…perhaps!

Clover, Cats and Clocks

Lucky charms and superstitions feature highly for some casino-goers.  Whilst a four-leaf clover is quite easy to carry in your pocket or handbag, a cat is a tad trickier and in case you never noticed before – there are no clocks in casinos.

Clean Air Con

The (conspiracy) theory is that casinos pump oxygen into game areas to keep punters alert and playing for longer.  However, there is no evidence to substantiate this rather ridiculous suggestion.  What they do use are purpose-built air cleaning systems to keep the atmosphere fresh simply because most casinos do not have windows.

Coins and Cameras

There is a distinct lack of both in Canada’s casinos.  Cameras of any type, including those on mobile devices are strictly forbidden inside casino gaming areas, a long standing rule to protect the privacy of other players.  It’s somewhat ironic really, when the average casino has around five cameras of its own pointing at you from various angles, at any given time.

Clients rarely mind the no-camera rule, but the lack of coins causes some consternation.  Apparently punters miss the winning sounds of coins dropping into the slots and hopefully dropping out in jackpot bulk.  After all, the sound of money pretty much sums up the casino experience and some Canadian operators are testing recordings to try and regain it.

Covid Concluded

Covid has hit Canada pretty hard and the statistics do not make pleasant reading.  However, the vaccine programme is now well under way and does seem to be making a difference.  Along with the rest of the world, we cannot wait until the pandemic is sufficiently under control and we can return to some sort of normal life later this year.  Keep your fingers crossed and your lucky cat handy!