European Roulette Vs American Roulette

Roulette is one of the best-known casino games. It was invented, back in the 17th Century, the game has constantly been developed to suit various tastes and to make it more thrilling. But by far, the most prominent versions of this table game are European Roulette and American Roulette. Regular players of these games will be fully aware of the differences and how to get the best out of each one. There are differences, and these are down to the rules, bets, and layout. 

The obvious difference between European and American Roulette is down to the layout! It is clear; one will notice that European Roulette features a single zero bet while American Roulette offers 2, the single zero, and the double zero. While many might think that this is just an innocent change in design that will not alter the game, they are wrong! An extra pocket for bets means an increase in House Edge

House Edge for European Roulette stands at around 2.70%, which means that the house has around 2.70% chances of retaining the bets on every spin. On American Roulette, the House Edge changes to 5.26%, nearly double that of the European version. This is because it comes with a double zero pocket. The more betting options lead to the house having an even greater advantage when you bet. Given that the payouts for every bet remain the same throughout the Roulette variations, one might think that they have a better chance of winning when they play European Roulette. 

However, like slots and any other casino games, Roulette is a game of luck! There’s no real science behind which variation will bring you the best wins. House edges are based on mathematical probability. Of course, if you get the chance to win big on American Roulette, you will win a handsome amount!

If you analyse both an American Roulette wheel and a European one, you will notice that the alignment of the numbers is different – they have different sequences. American Roulette comes with an anti-clockwise order of numbers. This is laid out precisely to ensure that the odds and evens, blacks and red are distributed evenly. 

Wondering which Roulette version is better? To be honest, they are like each other and can be thrilling in their own way. It all depends on what you expect from your Roulette game. If you enjoy having extra betting options, then American Roulette it is! If you prefer to keep the House Edge low, then European Roulette is the way to go. But keep in mind… there are not only two types of Roulette variations around. The online gaming market is filled with awesome examples of other roulette games such as French Roulette, Double Spin Roulette, and even Live Roulette! Players are going gaga on Live Roulette, since it is a live-streamed roulette game, providing immersive gameplay and casino-like gameplay even on mobile! 

American Vs European Roulette in a nutshell? It’s all about what you want to enjoy!