Massively’s Prediction for SWTOR in 2015

Futility is gardening on Tatooine

Everyone listen up! We have found an awesome story by Massively and their predictions of the Star Wars: The Old Republic game that is said to be releasing sometime this year by BioWare. They have made five awesome predictions and we are crossing our fingers that they are true!

If you love Star Wars, which you must if you are reading our post, you NEED to read this story. Here is an excerpt and a link at the bottom. Have fun!

It’s that time again to make my educated guesses on what BioWare will attempt to accomplish in the coming year with Star Wars: The Old Republic. In the last Hyperspace Beacon, I gave my grade card for how I think 2014 went, but now I extinguish the Force ghost of Christmas past and get a visit from the blue-glowy of Christmas yet to come.

I don’t always get everything right, but I like to make a guess anyway. When you’ve finished reading my predictions, let’s continue the discussion in the comments. I want to hear your thoughts as well.