Combat Logs and Training Dummies in SWTOR 1.2

One of the biggest questions to come out of the SWTOR Guild Summit was in regards to combat logs and training dummies in 1.2. While they have confirmed they have combat logs in 1.2, there was not a lot of information being released about it yet and in the community, there seems to also be a lot of confusion about it.
So here’s what was said at Guild Summit regarding combatlogs:
Combat logs were intended to be in the game in some form(those in beta will remember it before it was removed and not added to launchdue to bugs in the system).
However, they do not want players judging one another basedon combat logs and stats so their solution is that players will only see their owncombat logs. You will have the opportunity to write the combat log to disk andsave it on your computer.
This gives guilds the freedom to request that their memberssubmit their logs for analysis and review by leaders but the game itself doesnot force anyone to do so.  Based on theoverall opinions of the guild leaders that I spoke with at the Summit, sharingof the files will be required for most guilds who want to do competitive PvEcontent (operations/flashpoints) and also those who are doing competition PvPcontent.
Training Dummies-Ship Droids
There will be two training droids located on your ship. One willbe for PvP and will simulate a player character. The other will be for PvE andwill simulate a boss receiving damage. You can pull combat logs from yourtraining dummies as well, just as mentioned above.

Lisa Clark

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