TOR TV: Stealth Run the False Emperor Hardmode

This takes around 4 mins per run for 2 chests! Very fast Credits and loot to sell to the galactic trade network or vendor or even gear up your companions.

1:33 first chest loot, 2:31 second chest loot (On the video)  First chest has 5k to 9.9k credits, second chest has 2k to 6k creds. Can contain blues, oranges and epics aswell. At least 120k/hour purely from the credits.

Once you have got both chest, just exit Area and then once outside the instance, Right click on your portrait(Left of your skill bar) and “Reset all active flashpoints”

This is very effective. I get around 20 to 25k credits and from 2-5 items every 5-10mins. Got a purple epic helm wich is almost as good as the rakata gear today in the first chest. Definately a yes. Made 300k in under 2 hours by selling green item and from the credits. So get it while its still possible.