Panels, Panels, Panels! SWTOR Guild Summit Day 2

Day 2 is by far the most eventful day of the SWTOR Guild Summit. In fact, it was so much so that many complained there was far too much crammed into one day. BioWare devs and staff agree. It seems they only had the livestream capability for one day so they put all the panels on Monday but when combined with the studio tour and lunch at BioWare as well, it made for a very, very long day.
The good news is there were tons of things covered. Some ofyou were probably watching on the livestream and know some of this already butI know others have questions about certain things. So I’m going to break eachpanel down into a separate post and recap some of the most important informationto come from that post. 
I’ll then come back and edit this post to contain links toeach of the panels:
Panel Highlights
So here are some of the highlights from the Day 2 panels:
  • What’s next- friends of Star Wars program launching March 6th,3 friends get a free trial for a week
  • Game update 1.2 Legacy System
  • HUGE free game update- Ohlen says, they want to “make youfeel like your subscription you are paying is worth it.”
  • New warzone, new operation, Part 2 of Rise the Rakghouls,new UI customization (HUGE), warzone rankings, personal rankings for solo andgroup play, new ranked gear items
  • In-game events: limited-time events, creation by a dedicatedteam “surprise” Not a lot of details being offered at this time.
  • Guild Banks! Shared bank for guild members to use. Unlock upto 7 tabs (cost credits to open tabs). Detailed controls that guild leadershave over the bank. 
  • Epic Legacy System that will be directly entwined with every other system and function of the game

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