Star Wars: Uprising – The New Generation of Sector Battles & New Imperial Battles

The Star Wars: Uprising community are getting an update on Sector Battle mechanics which we think look very promising. Check it out:

The New Generation of Sector Battles & New Imperial Battles

Next Sector Battle:

Hey Everyone,

Big stuff coming this next week. First: New Sector Battle Prizing and Freedom Ratings.

  • All prizes for normal Sector Battles have been squashed together. This means all Victory levels will reward the same prizes and those prizes will be somewhere between the old Strong Victory and Overwhelming Victory prizes or, in some cases, better. So don’t sweat the Victory Points for prizing, sweat it for upping the prize brackets for next time (see below).
  • All planets with Freedom Rating above 10 will have an even higher bracket of prizes including SILVER FACTION CURRENCY.
  • Since it looks like it’s most certainly Hoth next, I’ll post the prize bracket for its current Freedom Rating at the end of this post.

Next: Imperial Sector Battles. This one is going to be a bit of a crazy experiment so I warn you now there may be issues. If you’re not into being part of the experiment, maybe sit out the first one. We’re bending the system in ways it is very much not built to work so there will be quirks but it should be fun.

  • They will be one hour in length.
  • Battle Readiness for planets will not be reset if the Battles are victories. They may be reset by defeats (still seeing what we can do).
  • They will be prizes for a smaller group of people overall (until we see what participation looks like.)
  • They will give away Imperial Officer gear, Stormtrooper gear, etc. as well as Event Crystals.
  • There will be exactly one Milestone reward, a 4* Event Crystal, that requires exactly 1 VP to gain.
  • We’re hoping to hit the first one on Friday (sorry, no weekend ones till we get the kinks worked out) but it depends on getting it working and the Sector Battle getting out of the way.

Hoth Prizes for Next Sector Battle:

  • Recruit: 2x 4★ Event Crystals, 1x 3★ Commando Armor
  • Lieutenant: 4x 4★ Event Crystals, 1x 3★ Crew, 1x 4★ Rebel Crystal, 1x 3★ Commando Armor
  • Captain: 1 Random piece Snowtrooper Armor, 5x 4★ Event Crystals, 1×4★ Crew, 1x 4★ Rebel Crystal 1×4★ Commando Armor
  • Commander: 2 Random pieces of Snowtrooper Armor PLUS Snowtrooper Chest piece, 1×5★ Event Crystal, 1×4★ Crew, 1×5★ Rebel Crystal, 1×4★ Commando Armor PLUS ALL REQUIREMENTS FOR UPGRADE: (3x 4★ Balance Crystals, 3x 4★ Rebel Crystals, 6★ Explosive Material 235,000 Credits)
  • General: Full Set Snowtrooper Armor, 2x 5★ Event Crystals, 1×5★ Crew, 1×5★ Rebel Crystal, 1×5★ Commando Armor