SWTOR Guild Summit Update- Got Questions?

The big day is almost here- the first even SWTOR Guild Summit kicks off tomorrow evening (for a social gathering) but the real good stuff begins on Monday morning. I’ll be there live in Austin, Tweeting from the scene and also live-blogging so check in throughout the day for updates, photos and more.
So before I head out for all the fun, what questions do youhave? What do you want to learn from the guild summit? I’m going to be diggingin my heels and getting all the info I can share with you and I will try to askany questions I get the opportunity to. We’ll also learn from the questions ofother guild representatives and of course, there’s also a chance to play 1.2 livefrom Austin.

Here’sthe full livestream schedule:

  • 10:00AM CST (4PM GMT) – Welcome and Introductions
  • 10:30AM CST (4:30PM GMT) – State of the Game and Game Update 1.2 Presentation
  • Break (Livestream offline from 11:00am to 2:00pm)
  • 2:00PM CST (8:00PM GMT) – Operations and Flashpoints Discussion
  • 2:45PM CST (8:45PM GMT) – Player vs. Player Discussion
  • 3:30PM CST (9:30PM GMT) – Legacy Presentation
  • 4:00PM CST (10:00PM GMT) – Economy and Crew Skills Discussion
  • 4:30PM CST (10:30PM GMT) – Roleplayer’s Discussion
  • 5:00PM CST (11:00PM GMT) – Guild Features Discussion
  • 5:30PM CST (11:30PM GMT) – User Interface Presentation
  • 6:00PM CST (12:00AM GMT) – …And The Rest

Youwill be able to access the livestream here and to follow the event on twitter using thehashtag #SWTORSummit. 

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