Tosche Station Radio #35: Buyout

Brian and Nanci from Tosche Station + Dunc from discuss the Disney buyout and episode 7

What led Brian and Nanci to call an emergency episode of Tosche Station Radio? Well, none other than the big Disney buyout of Lucasfilm.

It’s not surprising really, since everyone is talking about this buyout and how it seemed to come out of left field and completely unexpected. What is interesting, however, is what they talked about. Lots of great points brought up in this emergency episode of Tosche Station Radio!

What’s it all about?

The notes are brief, because we’re only talking about one thing: Disney’s purchase of Lucasfilm and the announcement of new Star Wars films (our post/Club Jade’s post). Hosts Nanci and Brian are joined by Dunc from Club Jade to try and make sense of the big news and offer insight as to what this might mean for the future of the Galaxy Far, Far Away. What might the new films bring? What does this mean for the Expanded Universe? Will Disney parks get more of a Star Wars-y feel? One thing’s for sure, the future of Star Wars hasn’t been this exciting in a long time!

Listen in to the full episode for yourself here:

So there you are- go have a listen and tell us (and them) what you think!

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Lisa Clark

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