Do Many Star Wars Fans Love Gambling?

There is a connection between people who like online video games and people who like online slots. Lots of people who enjoy one enjoy the other. Statistics have shown links between the two and we’ve seen this apparent in pop culture in a variety of ways. While we won’t likely see a casino added to SWTOR any time soon, you can enjoy some of your favorite slots from the comfort of your own home with online casinos.

People also bet on the Star Wars film before The Force Awakens was released and there’s a good chance they will continue to place bets on future films, especially with all the records that first movie has been breaking. It’s an exciting topic for people. Just how some bet on the Superbowl every year (even if they’re not regularly sports fans) there are also people who will bet on Star Wars simply because it’s popular. Whatever the reason, it is kind of nice to see something you love getting so much hype.

Now if you want to enjoy some online gambling for yourself, you can find great online casinos that host all the games you love and some you’ve probably never even heard of. You can find games like Dragon Dance, Bikini Party, Treasure Island, Titan Thunder, The Three Musketeers, Sugar Train, Sevens High, Razortooth, Sinbad, Royal Frog and so many more. You can find the most popular slots in the world, as well as new ones you’ve never tried before. Sometimes the fun lies in trying a new game.

One thing you might not see much (if any) of are Star Wars slots. We have written about this before and told you how Disney removed them all since they don’t feel it aligns with their “family friendly” image. That’s really a shame because we loved those Star Wars slots a lot. Are you a Star Wars fan who also loves gambling?