Rumor: Visceral Is Developing A Han Solo Game

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Everyone is excited about The Force Awakens and because of this we sometimes forget that there are new Star Wars games in the works right now. We all know that Star Wars Battlefront is going to be released later in the year but Visceral has another game in development.

EA has not yet revealed what the games will be about but there are many rumors of what it could possibly be. Star Wars 7 News is claiming that they know what it will be about. According to their sources it will be based on Han Solo and it could connect to a film.

In 2013, EA stated that they would no longer be making any games developed from movies but this does not mean that the possibility of a game connecting with a new film could happen; it could be a prequel. This would be an exciting new take on a Star Wars video game but do you think EA will base it off the new movie? Leave your comments below.

“”Visceral’s game is about Han Solo, he says its dev. is very troubled but the game looks awesome. He also said that the programmers are all working on the informed guess-timation that it is either a prequel game to the first spin off film or may be an actual tie-in game. The game is a third person shooter and I’m quoting here is a “young-ish” Han Solo.””

Via Star Wars Underworld