PvP Season 6 "Great Pirate Hunt"

SWTOR PvP Season 6 “Great Pirate Hunt”: Set Sail for Glory and Riches

Ahoy, Star Wars: The Old Republic fans! Get ready to set sail on a grand adventure as PvP Season 6 “Great Pirate Hunt” launches alongside Game Update 7.5. This season promises to bring a treasure trove of changes, challenges, and rewards, offering a richer and more immersive PvP experience. Whether you’re a seasoned swashbuckler or a greenhorn looking to make your mark, there’s something for everyone in this exciting new chapter of SWTOR. So, hoist your sails and prepare to dive into the details of what’s coming your way.

Charting the New Course: Major Changes in SWTOR PvP Season 6

With Game Update 7.5, PvP seasons in SWTOR are undergoing significant changes that will reshape the way players engage with the game. Here’s a detailed look at the updates that will define PvP Season 6 “Great Pirate Hunt”:

Extended Season Duration

One of the most notable changes is the extension of PvP seasons from 12 weeks to 16 weeks. This four-week extension provides players with more time to participate in battles, complete objectives, and earn rewards. By lengthening the season, players can now progress more leisurely, taking breaks when needed without the pressure of a shorter timeline.

Increased Season Levels and Catchup Mechanism

The maximum season levels have been raised from 25 to 30, adding more milestones for players to achieve. To balance this, the catchup level cap has been increased from 15 to 20, allowing players who start late or miss some weeks to catch up more effectively using in-game credits. The points required per level have also been adjusted, now set at 300 points per level, up from 280, making the total points needed to complete the season 9000, an increase from the previous 7000 points.

New Cadence for PvP and Galactic Seasons

SWTOR is aligning the release of PvP and Galactic seasons more predictably. PvP seasons will now launch with the .X patches, while Galactic seasons will roll out with the X.X patches. For example:

This predictable schedule helps players plan their gameplay and ensures a steady stream of new content.

Enhanced Rewards: Treasures Await

No pirate hunt is complete without a bounty of treasures, and SWTOR PvP Season 6 “Great Pirate Hunt” does not disappoint. Here’s a look at the new rewards and changes coming to the reward track:

Season-Themed Emote and Consumables

Adding to the flavor of the pirate theme, a new seasonal emote has been introduced. Additionally, Warzone Adrenals and Medpacs are now part of the reward track, providing crucial advantages in the heat of battle. These consumables will help players stay competitive and prolong their survival in intense PvP encounters.

Expanded Reward Track

With the increase in maximum season levels to 30, new rewards have been introduced for the additional five levels. Players can look forward to more armor sets, decorations, titles, and a unique flair that adds a touch of pirate swagger to their characters.

Season Objectives: The Path to Glory

Season objectives have been revamped to offer a more balanced and inclusive experience. Free-to-Play (F2P) and Preferred players will receive four weekly objectives, while Subscribers will receive six. However, all players can only complete up to four objectives per week to progress on the reward track. This ensures a level playing field where everyone has a fair shot at earning rewards, regardless of their subscription status.

Blue and red holographic displays in futuristic setting.

New Rewards Breakdown

Here’s a detailed breakdown of some of the exciting rewards awaiting players in Season 6:

Titles and Emote

  • Legacy Title: Privateer
  • Meta-Achievement Title: Pirate of Pirates
  • Character Title: Pirate Hunter
  • Text-Only Emote: Arr

Armor Sets

  • Cosmic Corsair Armor and Corsair’s Radiance Armor: Earned on the PvP reward track, these armors blend the rugged charm of pirates with the futuristic flair of SWTOR.
  • Astromarauder’s and Cosmoraider’s Armors: Available from the PvP vendor, these sets offer additional customization options.
Cosmic Corsair Armor and Corsair’s Radiance Armor - earned on PvP Reward track
Astromarauder’s and Cosmoraider’s Armors - found on PvP vendor


  • Trophy: PvP Battler Decoration
  • Cosmic Corsair Armor Display Decoration
  • PvP Season 6 Trophy (Large and Small)
Statue of warriors dueling in icy mountain landscape.
Futuristic hologram device in ornate interior setting.

Vendor-Specific Rewards

Tullek’s Inventory

Tullek, stationed in the Combat Training area on the Fleet, will offer new items for the duration of Season 6. These items will later move to Giradda’s inventory at the season’s end:

  • Astromarauder’s Armor Lockbox: 6 PvP Tokens
  • Cosmoraider’s Armor Lockbox: 6 PvP Tokens
  • PvP Season 6 blue and red flags: 2 PvP Tokens each
  • Walk the Plank Decoration: 2 PvP Tokens
  • Pirate Cove Plank Decoration: 2 PvP Tokens
Futuristic command center with holographic displays and characters.

Giradda the Hutt’s Inventory

Giradda’s inventory will be updated with rewards from the previous PvP season, “Pirate’s Plunder,” including a mix of new and classic items. These items will rotate weekly in groups A, B, C, and D, ensuring a dynamic and ever-changing selection for players:

Group A Highlights

  • Gladiatorial Nexu Replica: 20 PvP Tokens
  • Replica Victorious Mystic Armor Lockbox: 20 PvP Tokens
  • Trophy Art: Alderaan Civil War: 12 PvP Tokens

Group B Highlights

  • Giradda’s Special Pet Nexu Replica: 20 PvP Tokens
  • Replica Victorious Combatant Armor Lockbox: 20 PvP Tokens
  • Replica Swashbuckling Black-Blue Striated Color Crystal Lockbox: 12 PvP Tokens

Group C Highlights

  • Baron Deathmark’s Furious Walker Replica: 20 PvP Tokens
  • Replica Victorious Infiltrator Armor Lockbox: 20 PvP Tokens
  • Trophy: Giradda’s Pleasure Barge (Holo-Replica): 12 PvP Tokens

Group D Highlights

  • Baron Deathmark’s Swashbuckling Cutter Replica: 20 PvP Tokens
  • Replica Gladiatorial Weapon Lockbox: 20 PvP Tokens
  • Trophy Art: Huttball: 12 PvP Tokens
Desert oasis with palm trees and wooden structures.

Navigating the “Great Pirate Hunt”

To make the most of this season, players should focus on several key strategies. Firstly, mastering the new map environments and understanding where loot caches and strategic points are located can give your team a significant edge. Communication and teamwork are crucial, as coordinating with your team can help control these vital areas and secure more victories.

Additionally, balancing the completion of season objectives with active PvP participation will help ensure steady progress on the reward track. Since the season objectives reset weekly, planning your gameplay around these resets can maximize your points and rewards.


SWTOR PvP Season 6 “Great Pirate Hunt” is set to be a landmark season, packed with new features, extended gameplay, and an abundance of treasures. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or a newcomer to the galaxy, there’s something for everyone to enjoy and achieve. As you embark on this thrilling adventure, remember to strategize, communicate, and, most importantly, have fun. The galaxy is full of riches and glory waiting to be claimed. So, gather your crew, hoist your colors, and may the Force be with you as you conquer the “Great Pirate Hunt”!

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