SWTOR Basics: The DOs and DONTs for Beginners

swtor basics

A SWTOR Basics Guide, dedicated to Beginners, who just start their adventures in the game’s vast world.

Leveling tips to make your experience smoother and easier. The video explains the most basic and primal things one should be concerned when starting their very first character and Playthrough in the massive SWTOR universe. The suggestions and ideas are global and most of them apply to both F2P and subscribers. There’s a little for everybody – PvE, PvP, exploring, crafting, gearing and more. Read the Blog Post about this video. It was published a few days earlier, giving you insights and some sneak-peaks into the script (adapted for a blog post, of course).

First few minutes are for Class and Story choice and Crew Skills, after that we continue with the swtor basics of gearing, outfitting, GTN profits and in the end there is a little bit about colour crystals and PvP.

If you are ever curious about the work process for these videos goes from start to finish, check out this Playlist. It contains 4 videos explaining all the steps for creating another of Vulkk’s tutorial videos, the SWTOR Basics – Gearing, Basic Comms, Vendors.