Walkthrough Vault of the Incarnates in WoW

Vault of the Incarnates is the first raid level in the expansion Dragonflight. The level consists of 8 bosses and became available on December 12, 2022 at all difficulty levels.

Raid specifics

If the first boss is defeated (Eranog), then the players are sent to two separate wings, where there are three more bosses. Only then do they reach Razzetta Storm Eater.

Raid has no menu Personal Loot, group distribution of inventory only. The exception is professional reagents, which use personal loot where appropriate.

It is important to note that item level restrictions when trading between members of your raid group have been removed. In the raid, you can trade inventory, with an increase in level, if this does not apply to upgrades, such as rings or necklaces.

Achievements and rewards after completing the raid

Players are willing to complete this raid due to the sheer amount of achievements and rewards. That is why this service is so popular. Vault of Incarnates Boost.

Among the awards and achievements are the following:

  • Updated Proto Dragon: the incarnation of the Storm Eater
  • Glory of the Vault Raider (gives Raging Magmammoth)
  • Several variants mounts: mount merchant and Hence subject to certain conditions
  • Items with a unique look, with special effects or trinkets drop from bosses during the raid.

Of course, there are even more achievements and rewards, because the more difficult the level, the more rewards players receive for completing it. The task is aggravated by the fact that for the passage it is necessary to spend several hours of time and requires level 70. Therefore Vault of Incarnates boost gives a large number of bonuses, although their receipt is greatly simplified. Vault of the Incarnates carry helps to quickly start a raid with professional players to guarantee victory bonuses.

How to pass Vault of the Incarnates

First of all, you need to visit the Crypt of the Incarnate in the eastern part Tarsus. Successful passage will only contribute to the adaptation to each boss separately.

On the first boss, you need to focus on Flamerift, and all players must be in the same place. Healers during this time are actively dispelling Incinerating Roar.

On Terros there should be one tank with the boss, to prevent Tectonic Barrage. Players also need to be in the same location to destroy the effect. Rock Blast.

To defeat the Primal Council bosses, it is necessary that the tanks keep the bosses at one point, and the group, on the contrary, is dispersed. It is necessary to stay away from others due to Conductive Mark and other boss abilities.

The Storm-Eater actively uses freeze breath and lightning, so the dispersal of players is also necessary. Tanks should change their taunt regularly. Thus, simple lovers.

WoW it would be difficult to complete this raid due to the huge number of nuances. Availability Vault of the Incarnates carry allows you to quickly form a strong team of players who know all the successful tactics to achieve victory.

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