Mobile Gaming for the Millennial Geek

The rise of millennials has entered a new era, which means that tech geeks around the world have become wiser, older and in search of new challenges. Luckily, the internet is home to those entering the unknown, and with that being said, the World Wide Web teamed with mobile tech, will always have a little hidden gem lurking around the corner just waiting to be discovered. Here is what we know so far and it’s only the beginning of 2019.

Mobile Hardware Tech

Before you begin your journey into a land far away, check to see your mobile device fits the bill and supports the latest gaming apps. Your software should be up to date and if you have one of the latest smart phones, so as to enhance your Jedi powers. You see, the older the mobile phone model, the weaker the graphic imagery and audio quality is and some features may not be optimised. However, if you have sought the power of enhanced gaming, chances are you have the best gaming mobile device. Looking at the iPhone X, it is especially designed for mobile gamers and offers on-board graphics, great audio and even a console for the avid gaming millennial. Grab one of these tech devices and your journey has only just begun.

Mobile Gaming Apps

Mobile gaming presents so much choices and that extends to mobile apps on your device. It is highly likely that your smartphone comes with an integrated application store such as Google Play or the Apple iStore, where you can either purchase games or download them for free. If you, like many other millennials, want an adrenaline packed gaming experience, you can choose from a range of action packed strategy games such as Age of Civilians II, Scythe and Kingdom. These games will be released from March to June 2019.

If you are looking for the same level of hard-core action, something to get the blood pumping yet gain rewards for your progress, you can opt to play slot machines from your mobile with free tokens and learn the smooth character traits of expert casino players.

Popular Mobile Games 2019

Want in on the best kept secrets of 2019? Here is a list of mobile gaming releases set to come out this year.

  • The Elder Scrolls: Blades
  • Bad North
  • Project Cars Go
  • Oddmarr
  • Payday Crime War

Popular Console Games 2019

As we scour the internet for hot mobile releases we discovered a juicy list of phenomenal console games being released this year.

  • Resident Evil 2
  • Devil May Cry 5
  • Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown
  • The Occupation
  • Kingdom Hearts III

Naturally, you will need a console to play these bad boys, but you have full access to all the mobile games your heart desires and for free! Usually the free games have an in-app purchase option which is mainly used to further your gaming career faster than freebie lovers, but that is your choice entirely.

Mobile Gaming Tips

If you are an avid mobile gaming fan and you either download applications or have an online campaign, you don’t need to spend money all the time just to get further into the game. Check out online gaming forums designed specifically for your game of choice and interact with fans with similar interests as yourself to learn about cheats, gaming tips and how to pass levels you get stuck on.

Furthermore, YouTube is a fantastic source of info should you get stuck on one level. Pro gamers record their progress and enlighten players of ways out of the maze. Don’t spend days stuck on a level, skip the broadband wastage and focus on getting out of there! For more rad tips and tricks use the internet as your Jedi guide and explore a new gaming experience, 2019 has your back!