Top Things to See and Do in Last Vegas

If you’re planning a trip to Las Vegas, it’s important to do some research beforehand. There is so much to see and do in this iconic US city that you can greatly benefit from creating a plan first. Because there is so much to do in Vegas, it can be hard to see and do it all in just one trip. 

Even if you’re not normally an itinerary kind of person, this is going to serve you well in Las Vegas. It’s a huge city, a major tourist attraction, and an easy place to get lost and overwhelmed in. You could very easily make multiple trips to Vegas and still not see and do everything. 

When planning out your top things to do on a trip to Las Vegas, you may want to sort your potential activities by category. For example, there are helicopter and air tours of the city, you can also do hot air balloon rides, there are gardens and parks to visit, concerts and special events (a bulk of what people know Vegas to be about), comedy shows (also very popular), theaters and performances, family-friendly shows, adult-only shows, cabaret, monuments and museums, and of course, casinos.  

If you like physical activities, you can go hiking and ziplining, and even visit the Grand Canyon West Rim with a Skywalk ticket. There’s the Emerald Cave Kayak tour on the Colorado River as well. It can be very surprising how many physical activities there are to enjoy in Las Vegas. 

For non-outdoorsy types, you may be looking for something indoors and pampering. If you want luxurious and pampering, you can book a couple’s massage or a spa day. Many of the hotels feature special spa packages, or you can go independently from your stay. 

If you want to experience all of Hollywood’s glitz and glamour of Las Vegas, you’ll want to head to The Strip. This is the infamous section of the city with the beautiful lit up skyline that you always see in movies, TV, and postcards of Las Vegas. Of course, there is also the well-known Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas sign, the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck, and the High Roller, which you cannot miss from Vegas. 

When it comes to famous casinos, there’s the Venetian and Grand Canal, the Bellagio with its famous fountains, the MGM Grand, and the Mirage Casino and Volcano, to name a few. Mandalay Bay Casino has an aquarium and a beach, and other fund activities and entertainment. The New York-New York has the Big Apple Rollercoaster, and Caesar’s Palace also has fun things to do and Forum Shops. 

If Vegas slots are your thing but you can’t make it to Las Vegas in person, you may want to visit this site. It can be a fun way to get the experience of the real thing from the comfort and safety of your own home, at least until you can travel to Vegas to experience it in person.