Why You Should Binge-Watch the Entire Star Wars Saga

If you somehow managed to end up here, then you’re probably already interested in the franchise. We don’t need to tell you anything else. Go watch the movies.            

We’re kidding, of course. You need to be fully converted into the dark side to sit through every movie in the Star Wars franchise. Not everyone has watched it after all, and it’s already been years since the first release of Episode IV: A New Hope. It’s only natural that the thralls of time diminished the amount of limelight the franchise deserves.

Finding the next big series to watch can be hard, you might end up finding a harrahs casino promo code faster than finding your next favorite hit. This is where the beloved Star Wars franchise comes into play. There’s a huge list of reasons as to why people got into the fanbase, from movie tastes to nostalgia to sci-fi appreciation. You might think that the movies are overrated, but it’s only because loyal fans from all over the world love them so much.

The selection to choose from is huge!
As of now, there are 11 movies to watch in Star Wars, with plenty more tv shows, comics, books, and audiobooks to go through if you want to learn more about the universe. Not only does this extra content feature other lovable and unforgettable characters but it also gives you the time to fully appreciate and understand what’s going on in-universe. The world-building is simply brilliant, and after a few watches you might end up wanting to know more about the intricacies hidden behind the politics and lore of the universe.

Because believe it or not, the Star Wars franchise actually deals with heavy topics that are suitable for all ages. The concepts woven into the story are relatively easy to understand that a child would be able to grasp, but it’s also complicated enough that a fully grown adult would cling to what happens next in the next episode. It’s a thrill to watch, immersing you heavily into the world like a hook would latch onto a fish in the ocean.

Throughout its runtime, the Star Wars franchise introduced us to a number of characters that get us to feel, we can’t help but empathize with whoever is in the limelight, with a craftily created flow written in the storylines. An inquisitive mind couldn’t help but go over and over what happens next and how it manages to tie in the past. Callbacks, of course, are simply too good to miss up and the franchise does it in spades.

It’s normal to see one character during one event and then seeing them a while later. The world written in Star Wars simply feels too real, and with the added special effects and music the stakes feel like it’s minutes away from cascading down its audience.
So don’t be afraid of joining the dark side. You can start watching the original trilogy release and work your way up from there. You never know just how much you’ll end up loving every second of it.