Georg Zoeller Answers Player Asking for Ship Droid Weapons

If you’ve played SWTOR long enough to get your ship then you have met your ship companion. These lovable droids live to please their master but C2-N2 (and 2V-R8) do not have weapons and they tell you when you meet them that they are not armed for combat. One player asked a question in the forums: I have got alot of weapons and cant see a weapon I can equip for C2N2. I tried looking on the web but no answers could someone help me plz. Thanks And while other players attempted to explain that C2-N2 is a non-combat companion best suited to going on missions for you, the real fun began when Georg Zoeller came in with an official explanation. The official response: Dear Sir, I am writing to you in response to your complaint about our product, the C2-N2 droid. We regret that you are experiencing difficulties with…

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E3 – Day 1 Roundup: Ships, Groups and more

Looks like we are getting treated to at least some more eye candy today… If you’ve seen the latest update to BioWare’s “The Old Republic @ E3 2010” post then you’ll have noticed the following: The Old Republic Live on G4! Make sure to check out G4’s half-hour blowout on Star Wars: The Old Republic starting at 2pm PT! Adam Sessler, X-Play host and G4’s Editor-In-Chief of Games, plans to deliver a 30-minute all-access coverage of The Old Republic including live game-play. “Never before have we granted so much time to one game at E3,” said Adam Sessler. “Star Wars: Old Republic is a game of such breadth that the excitement around it and the time we are dedicating to it will have a huge pay-off for the viewers.” Want to see what the press are seeing? Then don’t miss a minute of it! Below are embeds of the Bounty…

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EA’s E3 2010 Press Conference Roundup

EA’s press conference for this year’s E3 just finished… and as expected it finished with a smashing The Old Republic cinematic trailer. I Just wanted to put together a quick post that details the things we’ve discovered today, the day BEFORE E3 officially begins! Player Ships! IGN UK revealed through their play with the Smuggler that each class will get their own ship, and it will be highly customizeable. Though they didn’t go into more detail than that I suspect (as I have for a long time) that ships will function much the same as your ship did in the first two KotOR games… a place where your companions hang out, from where you can travel to other planets, and perhaps for things like crafting. Now, they don’t say anything about space combat but if the ships are highlyg customiseable, that’s likely to mean other people will be able to…

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